The black cat Islay was hit on 12/30/2021. Since then she has bravely fought against the emerging necrosis and wound fluid. She lost the fur on half her stomach and now has an open wound.

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Successfully concluded on 27/3/2022

Support for the cost of healing

Black cat Islay was hit on 12/30/21. The driver of the car just kept driving. Since the accident, she has been battling severe necrosis and wound fluid. Whole parts of the fur on her stomach fell off so that there is now a very large open wound on the side of her stomach. Treating the wound requires a lot of effort. The costs of the treatment are slowly but surely exceeding the budget. She is a sweet little cat with a lot of charm and playfulness. Putting them to sleep shouldn’t be the issue.

Animal clinic does everything

The animal hospital doesn’t want to give up on Islay. The prospects look good. However, you invest a lot of work in them, which also has its price.

This is what I need backing for.

We need support to cover the treatment costs. The budget is used up and the costs can soon no longer be paid. In addition, we are still expecting offspring, which does not simplify the cost situation.