Action Escape Game in Geneva, Lausanne, Nyon & Etoy

In these times of health crisis, it has been several months that LaseRed spaces are not allowed to open. The situation becomes extremely difficult to pay the rents and the aid is not sufficient for a young business.

The LaseRed adventure is a project that started 3 years ago in Etoy and recently opened 3 new spaces, in Geneva, Lausanne and Nyon.

Today, LaseRed needs you to survive and offers you the possibility of supporting us by receiving unique and unprecedented rewards for the donors of this Crowdfunding.

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My project is special because ...

Our project is an entertainment and leisure present throughout French-speaking Switzerland. It is the only concept in the world that combines an Escape room and a Laser game, all in settings worthy of the greatest Hollywood films.

Our local business, made up of local artisans and artists, has gone to great lengths to provide the most extraordinary leisure experience. We are systematically looking for the WOW effect and have already won over thousands of customers since the start of our adventure with a maximum score on Google and Trip advisor.

It aims to offer you a life-size experience, real video game in order to get together with your friends, your family and / or your colleagues. You will live an unforgettable immersive adventure.

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This is what I need backing for.

With the Covid crisis, we are living in an unfair situation. The authorities have forced us to close and state aid is not sufficient to cover our fixed costs.

Our company, although revolutionary in the leisure world, risks bankruptcy when we are only at the beginning of the adventure.

We have big development plans for the future and do everything we can to provide you with fantastic times.