Call-out from the media group of the Rojava Youth UnionBy Perspektiven bauen - Solidarität mit Rojava, on 28/1/2016 12:48



Translated from Kurdish

The revolution of Rojava/Western Kurdistan has now for almost five years succeeded to resist against the most evil of enemies. In this revolution the youths of Western Kurdistan have regarded the defense of all of Rojava as their duty and have taken it up as their task.

At the beginning of the Rojava revolution the Rojavan youth organized themselves in all different fields, not only militarily but in all parts of the society. One of the branches of this early organization was the media project, and part of the media was building up an own radio station.

The Voice of Cûdî radio channel is the voice of the young people of Rojava. It was the very first radio station ever to be established in Rojava, in the early days of the revolution it was received in every home here. It soon came to be the voice of the revolution itself. Voice of Cûdî was listened to all over the world and spoke for revolutionaries everywhere, because it was built up in the wake of the revolutionary youth at the very beginning of the struggle in Rojava and known for that by all activists and revolutionaries who participated in it.

But now, because of technical problems and difficulties in our media branch, we are in a fatal situation, and therefore wish to call everyone who considers her- or himself to be a revolutionary to help us. Two months ago our broadcasting system has broken down and is beyond repair.

Your help to get Voice of Cûdî back on the air is a service to the Rojava revolution and a contribution to its success.

To bring back Voice of Cûdî to the people of Rojava and the Middle East 10.000 USD are needed, or else a donation of a long-range broadcasting antenna.

Serbest Efrîn

for the media committee of the Rojava Youth Union

Qamişlo, 6 of December 2015


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