Yefrey's story

I got to know Yefrey and his mum when I was traveling to the Caribbean coast of Colombia. I spent the day playing ball with him where he showed me a determination to not be held back by his impaired feet and arm. The great thing about the community in Sapzurro is that Jefrey has never felt any discrimination. The downside of where he lives is not having access and money to have his condition examined.

Especially people who are living in remote and poor areas of Colombia or who are of Afro-Colombian descent, get no access to decent health care. Much less during COVID-19 times.


Why he needs your help

He limps and the use of his arm, foot and the ability to speak are heavily impaired. But the doctors say there are options for surgery (orthopedic and/or neurosurgery). I have been in touch with two medical foundations and have arranged an appointment for initial exams before the end of this year. The operation, is supposedly straightforward, affordable and would change his life.


With a small contribution, you can make a big difference:

Myself & Yefrey’s family thank you in advance for any contribution you can make.

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