Survival Training Mobile Camp

Dear friends and supporters, I present you the future of the survival’s training.


My idea arises from the necessity of covering the whole region and the neighboring areas, in order to provoke interest in a larger number of people, and even more important, to be able to create plans and educational programs for consultancy, town and country planning and urban survival.

Description of the project

The mobile training camp for survival and self-sufficiency is able to reach every district and can also be settled in small places (max. size 150 mq). The installation is easy and quick: it takes only 30 minutes to settle it in and to make it ready to be used.

The installation provides a main structure of 60 mq, which is the teaching room and the dormitory, an overlay against the rain, for the practical experiments and for the dining area.

It offers a perched walk and a shelter, which can also be used as a repository.

The money that we need, serves to organize the camp, might be the first survival basic course on May 10th/11th 2014 (reward of CHF 250.-) in collaboration with the Italian Federation of Sports and Experimental Survival.

20 years of experience accumulated in the ambit of classical, military and urban survival and in the sphere of self-sufficiency, have permitted to study and develop this project.

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For more info on the project and rewards, please refer to our website.



It was 1992 when I took the first patent of military survival instructor, and it was love. This passion has taken me around the world, experiencing more and more exciting adventures in the most beautiful places on the planet, America and Asia completed my training, taking classes and comparing them with professionals around the world.

In 2010 I founded «Survivalticino», point of reference for all those who want to learn the different forms of survival, so that everyone can understand that nothing is impossible. Due to my experience I have developed this project to give the opportunity to know the survival directly in their own home. Thank you for your interest and your support.