Sustainability in Sport EDU

by Nico and Daniel

Zürich and London

Our self-paced online course offers the complete lowdown on sustainability in sport for busy sport execs, working in and around the topic.

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An Online Course on Sustainability in Sport

In June we announced the creation of a self-paced online course focusing on the essential components of sustainability in sport. The response has been quite overwhelming, which is why we want to make sure we can offer a programme that will be valued by all. We’ve decided to launch this fundraiser to help us finance the content development costs associated with the course.

We really appreciate everybody’s support in our attempt to bring more attention to sustainability-related topics in the world of sports. Here is some additional information about the course:

We partnered up with Global Sustainable Sport, which has been established as the global voice for sustainability in sport, and to provide a better future for the sector and the world that we live in. GSS works with academics and practitioners to develop a standard methodology to evaluate the sustainability activations of a wide range of sports stakeholders. The idea is that this will enable them to express the true value of their work and to showcase how sport can take a leading role in developing a more sustainable future for the planet.

The online programme equips sustainability managers, senior execs, commercial or communications professionals - in fact any role that touches on this topic - with sustainability essentials as well as in-depth views, delivered by experts from around the world.

It allows for a customised curriculum based on individuals’ own needs enabling them to select individual workshops and modules to create their own learning pathway or sign up for the whole course.

Our Core Modules are built upon one another giving the user a solid roadmap to follow. The Deep Dive modules see industry experts providing insights into some of the most relevant areas of sustainability in sport. Each module takes around 120-180 minutes and is composed of different elements such as videos, readings, quizzes, or podcasts, to foster maximum engagement.

Our project is special because ...

We are trying to inspire and ultimately change an entire industry. Environmental and social responsibility in sport needs to take a big step and move away from preaching to the converted. With this programme we’re trying to scale our own reach and give more organisations and individuals access to our knowledge, and that of other experts from around the world. Together, we can leverage the power of sport, and move further towards meaningful integration of sustainability across the sector.

To make sure we also reach those who might struggle to finance the course fees, as part of this fundraiser we have decided to give away one education programme for every 1,000 EUR worth of donations.

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This is what we need backing for.

Production costs for the course:

  • To pay the initial fees for the learning platform via which the course will be created and offered on. These are estimated to be around 6’000 EUR per year. (This tool will be integrated into the GSS platform.)
  • For the time that the two of us and a group of deep dive experts need to create the different content pieces. We will be spending a considerable amount of time putting together the most relevant and insightful content for our students.
  • For the costs to create the video content in a studio with proper equipment to make sure that the user experience is as engaging as possible. We’re estimating around 1’500 EUR per module needed for the video production alone.

And ultimately, every contribution helps us provide access to more organizations and individuals through our ’1,000 for 1’ initiative (see above)!

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