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Hi! I’m Elodie, an 18 years old young dancer. I have been dancing for 14 years now. I am currently studying in a dance school in Lausanne, Switzerland. I’ve even dreaming to be a professional dancer since I was a child.I started dancing when I was four. I grew up but my dream didn’t change. I want to become a contemporary dancer. I now want to study abroad in order to grow as a dancer. Therefore I went to Israel this summer and took part in the « KCDC summer course »: an intensive workshop. During this course I danced six hours a day for a month. That was amazing. In the end I was accepted in a longer program called the « dance journey ». This program is at the same place as the summer course and lasts 5 months. It is an extraordinary course that enables 30 young dancers to work with amazing teachers (very involved in the contemporary dance world) and learn a lot. It is an incredible opportunity. The place is amazing and Israel is a country that is known for its impressive contemporary dance and has a very unique and specific artistic world. I could see myself change and evolve throughout the month I spent there. Being able to study for 5 months there would enable me to grow and improve a lot. It would also help me to discover another way of seeing dance. It is very different from the dance in Switzerland and it would help me to build myself.


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That project supports the development of a young swiss artist


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English: The reason why I’m asking for help and using crowdfunding is the cost of this program: it is 9’500 dollars for the classes and accommodation. To which must be added around 250 dollars per month for the food and other spending while there. The flights will cost around 200-300 dollars. In total, that program will cost about 11’000 dollars. The amount I decided to ask for this campaign is the one that would enable me to go. I would anyway have to use some of my savings. That could make it harder for me to take part in other courses afterwards. If I can get the full 11’000 dollars, it would of course be amazing. If I get over the amount of money needed, the additional money would be used for over spendings related to dance.

Thank you for your support!