A collection of family wear with coordinated outfits

In 2019 Julie has combined her passion for children’s fashion with her desire to commit to sustainable fashion, and has created Petit Favorite.

As a true booster of complicity, Petit Favorite aims to contribute to strengthening family ties and especially parent-child relationships, by offering matching, i.e. coordinated, outfits.

Petit Favorite proposes unisex clothing for children from 2 to 8 years old, as well as coordinated styles for grown-ups, so that to ensure that nobody in the family is excluded. All the styles are produced using only natural, organic materials of European origins, such as organic cotton.

By proposing only timeless, premium products with clean cuts and refined details, the label aims to sensitize families to the importance of choosing sustainable and ethical fashion, conceived in Geneva and made with care in Spain.

The brand’s first collection, Fish’n’Dreams, is inspired by a quirky fish invented from scratch, Rocky Le Poisson Frit (Rocky the Fried Fish), who has become the brand mascot for young and old/young of all ages.

For all these carefully crafted creations to come to life I have now decided to go playing in the big league, by having a few styles produced on a small scale/as limited editions for Spring-Summer 2020. These pieces will be available to the general public from March 2020 ; however, you can pre-order them now at a unique preferential price !

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Let's take the plunge together !

Today, Petit Favorite is a (small) Geneva-based brand that would like to spread its wings and fly with you.

The money raised throughout this campaign will be used to purchase raw materials and to finance the production of the Spring-Summer 2020 collection by a family-owned manufacturer near Barcelona. At the very roots of PF lies an ethical and human dimension that is particularly close to my heart. That’s why I have chosen to work exclusively with suppliers and partners based in neighbouring European countries, in order to limit my carbon footprint and guarantee fair working conditions.

So, are you leaving with us on this crazy journey which is Petit Favorite?

  • If we achieve together the nice sum of 15’000 CHF, this will enable me to produce the entire Spring-Summer 2020 collection (including your pre-orders of course) and we will be officially starting our journey !
  • If we reach the Holy Grail of 20’000 CHF, I will enlarge the collection by adding a new style designed especially for you !
  • As good news never come alone, if we hit the mesmerizing sum of 30’000 CHF, I will open a pop-up store in the heart of Geneva for 2 weeks. As a bonus for all contributors, you will have access to one of the many creative workshops for families that will be offered on site !
  • More than 30’000 CHF? This journey becomes clearly surreal : the opening of the Geneva pop-up store will be extended to 1 month, and there will be a lot of VIP and creative surprises reserved for you there!
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A dive full of complicity and well rewarded

Whether you contribute for a value of 20 or 1000 CHF, you will become part and parcel of Petit Favorite’s team.

To thank you for being part of this journey, I’ve created for you some cool packs with funky aquatic names, that will take you directly to the heart of our brand’s universe and straight into the world of our mascot Rocky Le Poisson Frit :)

Among the possible contributions you will find the mythical Loup de Mer Duo : for a value of 200 CHF, this pack will allow you to preorder the omonimous jumpsuit made of organic cotton color grey in two versions, one for women and one for children. You will also find among the available options Master Rocky, that will allow you to get a glimpse of the ’behind the scenes’ and making-of of the collection : you will get privileged access to my atelier in Geneva, and you will leave with a unique piece created on site. Watch out, these packs have limited availability !

If you have any question about Petit Favorite, myself, or Rocky Le Poisson Frit, do not hesitate to contact me by email at info@petit-favorite.com

With all my complicity,


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