A new dynamic and evolutive solution for activities in the Swiss Alps!

«​SwissAlpsExperience» was born from an idea by 2 passionate guys who enjoy the mountains, nature, sports and marketing …

Manu from the Vaud Alps region and Gimmi from the Riviera.

Based on their experiences and knowledge in the field of mountain activities, they found many are perceived as inaccessible (due to their price, their difficulty, etc.) or are just not well-known to a large part of the population. This is mainly due to the lack of resources (time, money) available to companies creating activities for promoting themselves to the public and tourists.

At the same time, more and more people - whether alone, with family or friends - want to experience unique and memorable moments, and are looking for new sources of inspiration to discover different and more exiting activities to do.

Based of these observations, Gimmi and Manu gathered all their know-how to launch this first project, creating a «specialized» platform dedicated to the promotion of the activities available in the Swiss Alps.

This platform will propose 2 solutions,

1) a card, the «SwissAlpsExperience Pass», which will allow the holder to benefit from discounts throughout the year on hundreds of activities

2) a website (www.swissalpsexperience.ch) which will act as the role of a «dynamic guide» offering visitors:

  • an incredible source of ideas and suggestions for activities of all kinds (fun, family, sporty, extreme, etc.) facilitating the organization of outings,
  • a qualitative and detailed presentation of activities
  • spectacular photos and videos
  • categorization of activities by level of difficulty, type of experience, price, season, etc.
  • an integrated e-shop for the sale of the Pass
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Launch planned for end of February 2018!

For several months, Gimmi & Manu have been working hard on identifying activities to include within the Pass, and have partnered up with some great companies to make this happen.

This means when the Pass is launched at the end of February 2018, there will already be more than 100 activities to discover … on which cardholders of the «SwissAlpsExperience Pass» will benefit from reductions ranging between 20% to 50%.

Please note that new experiences - ever more varied and unique - will be added on a regular basis.

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Join our AlpsFans community by supporting our project!

To date, we are entering the last phase of our project which mainly relates to the creation of a great website and for which we are looking for CHF 15’000.- to finance its development.

With your support you will contribute to the realization of «SwissAlpsExperience» …and join our AlpsFans community which helps participate to the promotion of our beautiful Swiss Alps regions.

In case the needed amount is exceeded, we will finance the organization of promotional events with our partners …. events for which you will of course be invited as the first guests!

Thank you in advance for your contribution and interest! Thanks also to our partners and our gorgeous mascots ;o)

Looking forward to seeing you in our beautiful mountains.

Gimmi & Manu

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