What it is about

We offer a mind-blowing unique combination of Hiking tours coupled with yoga asanas, vipassana meditation (and great food!) to give an all-round hiking experience of the Swiss Alps in Kandersteg. In addition, we are looking to help the environment by being the first tourist company in Switzerland to provide electric car services.

Our Local Goal is to support elderly people, families with young children and those with movement restrictions to access remote hiking destinations and to support community involvement for Kandersteg residents by giving workshops.

Our Global Goal is to support community involvement for residents by increasing tourism outreach, to optimise the cooperation between provider clients, hotel guests and local residents on sharing of electric cars, to promote Ecological and Health Aspects of Electric Vehicles in Switzerland and all over the globe.

Electric cars are helpful for the Earth’s environment because they don’t give off as many harmful emissions as regular vehicles, as well as helping to protect the climate and reduce oil consumption.


What We Need & What You Get

We need at least CHF 5000 to cover:

  • hotel booking costs for the initial running period of the SwissHike 3+IN+1 Project
  • business administrative costs including IT support fees
  • hiking equipment and professional guide fees

We offer the following Backer’s Rewards:

  • SwissHike Lucky Dip Coupon for a fully paid 7-day hiking tour of Swiss Alps with food and accommodation included (from Swiss airport or border, Gemmi Lodge, June 2017). Raffle draw with online streaming.
  • Discount voucher for SwissHike 3+IN+1 Tour: 50%. Price: 300 CHF. Save 150 CHF on the trip. For 7-days SwissHike Package, June 2017, Kandersteg Gemmi Lodge. Only applicable in a case of friends/families of 4 people or more.
  • 1-day Test Drive of all electric cars from our fleet of the Kandersteg Electric cars service.

Electric Cars in Switzerland:

  1. Tesla S (70-85-90D): 1’299/2016
  2. BMW i3 (60Ah – 94Ah): 547/2016
  3. Renault Zoe (R240 LIFE): 406/2016

More info about electric and autonomous cars you can find on our pages in the section Swiss hit parade: Top 12 Electric Cars 2016 CH.


Who we are

Our project core SwissHike Founders Team consists of:

  • SwissHike Project Manager:
    MSc Yash Mahendra Joshi (Yash Mumbai IN / London UK, yash@swisshike.com)
  • SwissHike Team Coordinator:
    MUDr Miloslav Dorda (Milos Praha CZ / Kandersteg CH, milos@swisshike.com)

Members of our growing SwissHike Partners Team:

Any small donation would be hugely appreciated as every bit counts and will help to realise the goals of our project. If you just can’t contribute right now, or you have but want to help out more, please share our campaign using the social media share buttons, and best of all, help out by ’liking’ us on Facebook and tagging all your friends that might be interested in Hiking, Yoga, Meditation or Electric Cars in the Swiss Alps.

Thank you for backing us :)