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Together for professional gaming fun

The commonly known field hockey manager game is really fun when it works. We want to reprogram the game and make it work professionally and without problems in the future. Unlimited fun without breakdowns and hassle!

The game will be reprogrammed and hosted in Switzerland. For a smooth handling on the mobile device an APP will be programmed. The rules remain the same, except for a few small adjustments. The adjustments will be discussed with you and decided by the community.


What is special about my project

As a long-time fan and active field hockey manager, I know what it takes to guarantee unlimited fun.

The original has a lot of good, but also a few bad sides. We take the good and eliminate the bad.

Together we will build the perfect field hockey manager experience!

I need you

To ensure professional programming and hosting in Switzerland, we need a budget of about CHF 75’000.

With the money we program the game from scratch, based on the latest technologies. Additionally we invest in a mobile app and an automated data exchange. In the future, the whole thing will be maintained and hosted in Switzerland