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What is it all about?

Our goal is to create a new kind of documentary. We want to give the dance community the possibility to portray themselves. On the internet platform we created for the documentary, the public and the online community can give their votes to elect the protagonists and to develop the content of the film through their participation.

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What has been going on?

Phew. Lots! We started working on the film a year ago. Our quest for dance stories lead us across Switzerland. We traveled over 2500 kms and answered thousands of emails and phone calls in attempt at being in reach for everyone all the time. At the same time we were working behind and in front of the cameras.

The dancers and the online community always supported and inspired us with their feedbacks. At the beginning of August, we launched the project website and casted our protagonists with the help of the community – over 2500 people participated in that process and shared their reasons for their votings with us.

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What are our goals?

With our film we want to give a voice to the dance. We want to give the dancers of Switzerland the possibility of co-creating a film. We are particularly interested in the hardships of this profession as well as its radiance and its meaning for society. We also want to show the integrative force of dance – be it dancing with disabled people or dancing to overcome differences between cultures. There are numerous beautiful examples of how dance connects people and brings more tolerance to their daily lives.


Why do we need your help?

Face it: Making a film costs a lot of money. Which we don’t have. With your financial support we can rent equipment and do it!

It doesn’t matter how much you can contribute – every penny counts. Your money flows directly into the production of the film. We need cameras, lights, tripods, steadyCams and a lot more. In exchange we offer you lots of lovely rewards.

If you want to support culture, if you like films and love dance, then help us to bring our dancer’s stories to the screen. We thank you in advance and are happy to have you with us!

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What will happen next?

We are now in the storytelling phase of our project. We visit the protagonists to get to know them better. Basing on our interviews with them, we will develop different story lines which we will then present to and discuss with the online community. We will keep you up to date via Facebook and Twitter.

Who's behind this project?

Sara and Milad didn’t have to search hard for their team:

  • Florian P. (programming)
  • Tobias K. (camera/pre-production)
  • Thomas T. ( prodction main film )
  • Lilla L. (communication)
  • Remo W. (public relations)
  • Pirmin M. (music and music law)
  • George E. (photographer)
  • Claudia I. (make-up artist)

Many more have offered to support the project with their knowhow. We say THANK YOU and are happy to have them aboard.

More info about our team can be found here:

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