VKP Vijana Kwa Pulpit

We are an urban gospel group from Kenya based in Nairobi, made up of blood brothers Fatha Lody (Mike), Walman (Lawrence) and Trigga (Brian). Probably one of the best gospel outreach and entertainment groups from Africa in these times, we are working towrads cementing our position as the best gospel group ever to come out of Kenya; true and deeply rooted in the gospel, professional and out to bring about real social change in our society through our music

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How we started

The three of us came together as a group in December 2011 from recording stints as solo artists. Our musical journey dates way back to 2003 but it is at the beginning of 2012, that we released our debut single and video titled «Fantasy», a project worked on jointly by Kenya’s Homeboyz Studios and Ogopa Deejays. The mileage gained since then is more than many people’s expectations as the song has received extensive play on gospel shows across Africa and abroad.

Our Breakthrough

With our electrifying performances in concerts around the country, our meteoric rise has not escaped the eyes of the media (both international and local), fans and the corporate world.

We got invited for a concert in Acrra Ghana in December 2014 during the celebration of gospel group’s Preachers 5 years in Music Ministry.

This has led to us bagging numerous nominations in the continent’s most prestigious music awards namely the: 2014 Africa Gospel Music Awards: Afro Rap Artiste of the Year, 2014 Mwafaka Awards: Group of the Year, 2013 Africa Gospel Music Awards: Afro Rap Artiste of the Year, 2013 Mwafaka Awards: Group of the Year, 2012 Africa Gospel Music Awards: Discovery of the Year, 2012 Talanta Awards: Best Upcoming artiste (out of the U.S.A), 2012 Mwafaka Awards: Most Promising Artist


Our style is known as SocaPuka- Which is an afro beat sound, a fusion of Kapuka (Kenyan local sound) and Soca music.

The Project: T.O.L.O.I.S.A

We, VKP Music (Vijana Kwa Pulpit), are finally ready to release our first album T.O.L.O.I.S.A – The Only Lasting Option Is Salvation. It has taken us 8 months to record. It will all start with a crowd funding project for the album release of their 12 track album and the video production of Peremende, our second official music video on the album. Kenyan number one video Director J Blessing will shoot the video in the second half of this year 2015 and we need your help to make this happen.

Why we need your support

We are sure you are aware of the fact that there has been a rapid growth in music consumption in Kenya over the last two years thus it has a potential to assist talented young men like us earn a living from it once the career picks up. But this cannot happen without an initial boost to get a quality product and a dedicated team to ensure the music reaches the target audience.

What we need your support for

  • Shooting the music video for the first song on the album, Peremende
  • Booklet: Photos, design, text and translation
  • Label & Promotion
  • Pressing of CDs

What we have financed already

  • Post Production of the album (mixing and audio mastering)
  • We have secured the venue for the album launch
  • We have a partial funding of approximately Euros 200 which we will use to source for the sound system, Deejay and MC.
  • Photos for the album release as well as promotion material

What is it in for you?

First of all, it’s our pleasure to offer you, an exclusive opportunity to be part of our noble journey to bring about real social change in our society through our music.

Second once you plug into the project there is a reward. There is a rewards section, have a look at all the gifts you can get for donating a bit of money to the project: link to download the album, signed albums, laptop stickers, special mention in the album credits, your name in the credits of the video, VKP to perform at your function/event for free. Etc

Thirdly, we will pre-release our new album T.O.L.O.I.S.A both digitally and on cds already to all you lovely people who can help us with this.

And we hope you like our new album. You can already listen to the first single here.