A sustainable sport!

The Inline Downhill is a sport activity that does not know difference of age or gender. The challenge remains the same for everybody: same way down, same rules, same fun. The age of our Inline Downhill riders is between 19 and 59. Among them, there is the talented Christian Montavon, who won in 2017 the World Inline Cross in S. Ambrogio (Italy). Technical knowledge, physical strength, concentration are needed to practice this roller sport discipline. In fact, during a competition our riders can reach a speed of almost 90 km/h ! This means that even the equipment and some safety rules are of relevant importance.


My project is special because ...

ASID has some goals for 2019: a) Enhance the number of people in love with the inline downhill skating b) Search more motivated and eventually talented Inline Downhill riders c) Promote the access of this roller sport discipline to the Olympic Games.


This is what we need backing for.

The money will be used mainly - but not limited to - to get safe equipment for all our riders, and pay their transfer to Barcelona.

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