Support the new multidisciplinary concert season in Vienna's 15th district! The TAKT Kulturverein is organising a whole series of exciting events at the Brick-15, get involved and help us develop it!

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 29/6/2023

The TAKT Idea

The TAKT Kulturverein was summoned into life in 2023 by Nika Bauman and Ana Marković. Our wish was to organise inventive, urban, contemporary formats of concerts which would challange the artists and excite the audience and connect the both into a sizzling community which would exchange ideas and experiences. As the venue we have chosen the versatile space of Brick-15 in Vienna with which we have been happily working with for a long time and saw it as a perfect venue not only to host different types of performances, but as a place where the people can socialize and have fun before and after the concerts as well - for we believe this is a vital part of a cultural night out!

Photo by Sofija Palurović
Photo by Sofija Palurović

The TAKT Concert Season

Our first concert season features six multidisciplinary concerts: three of them took part this spring, and the next three are coming up in the fall!

For each concert we mixed up the musical with another performative art and have so far featured Synesthetic Project with a bordel-like impromptu piece playing all over Brick-15, the duo Piano&Sand which brought a mystical atmosphere of piano music and live sand-painting and the Croatian concept-jazz Mimika Orchestra which incorporated story-telling into their newest Mediterranean-inspired album! For the fall part of the season, we have prepared a dance-actor-pianist trio with a piece inspired by Beethoven and Goethe, a dancing duo from Salzburg with the music of Bach and electronics and a solo piano-performance recital with video!

The TAKT Concert Season 2023:

24.3. Synesthetic Project

28.4. Piano & Sand

26.5. Mimika Orchestra

29.9. Beethoven a tre

20.10. Two Bodies.One Distance.

24.11. Alfredo Ovalles

Our artists count: Anna Barbara Bonatto, Rino Indiono, Dalina Ugarte, Sarah Maria Dragović, Marko Ferlan, Julian Yo Hedenborg, Mak Murtić, Sabina Hasanova, Anna Vidyaykina, Natalia Castaneira, Petar Klasan, Leon Lembert, Alfredo Ovalles, Nika Bauman and the 19-piece Mimika Orchestra

We are equally proud of our co-workers: the designer Nikola Stojković, the photographer Sofija Palurović, the videographer Valentin Malanetski and the whole Brick-15 Team lead by Lukas Pfliegler

Mimika Orchestra at TAKT Konzertsaison
Mimika Orchestra at TAKT Konzertsaison

This is what we need backing for:

Considering we’re a small team, we have managed quite well with finding the funding for a concert season as big as this. However, we still need a bit of extra help to be able to cover the extra production expenses which always arise and to be able to pay all of our artists and co-workers fairly, to be able to provide good working conditions, cover accommodation, food, drinks and travel expenses when needed, and to secure the best possible promotions for the concerts.

We that only a sustainable community can grow and we are keen not only to give our best to the audience but to take care of our artists and co-workers so this concert season, and all connected to it, can thrive together!

Photo by Sofija Palurović
Photo by Sofija Palurović