Help Talespin, Musical Tales for Big & Small produce their first children's musical story book, «The Monkey who Looked for Trouble», available in German, English and French

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Talespin's first musical fairy tale book for children in three languages!

Help Talespin, Musical Tales for Big and Small (AKA pianist Chanda VanderHart and violinist Johanna Lacroix) spin their musical folk tale from Trinidad, «How Monkey Looked for Trouble» into a physical book + CD!

Illustrations by Hilal Avici
Illustrations by Hilal Avici

More About «Monkey»

«Once upon a time in a very small village there lived an old woman who made the most delicious coconut cakes. One day, while walking to market, the old lady tripped, spilling her cakes all over the ground. Monkey, sitting in a tree nearby saw everything…»

Curious about what comes next? Then hurry and pre-order your first copy (or five!) of «How Monkey Looked for Trouble» today. If funded, we promise to get you your copies and all of our thanks in time to make you the best darn giver of original Christmas gifts this century. «Monkey» is a adorable story appropriate for young kids, but also great for anyone you know who might once have been a child. It’s also a perfect present for occasions such as baby showers, nostalgia, when mom arrives unexpectedly, baptisms, when you forget to take out the trash, birthdays, Thursdays, graduations, and many more!

Available in German (with überfamous actor Raphael von Bargen), English (with Erlkings frontman and man about town Bryan Benner or French (with Lebenskünstlerin and actual pixie Anaïs Tamisier). Original classical music composed by the brilliant Erika Chun, and colorful cartoon illustrations by Hilal Avci.

Talespin, Musical Tales for Big and Small is an original story-telling concept dreamt up by Anna Lea Stefansdottir and Chanda VanderHart, under the artistic direction of Johanna Lacroix and Chanda VanderHart. Talespin brings together fairy tales and folklore from around the world, spinning them into original story-telling performance in combination with illustrations and live, original classical music.

Talespin, Musical Tales to Big and Small (Chanda and Johanna)
Talespin, Musical Tales to Big and Small (Chanda and Johanna)

Wow, making books with CDs is expensive!

We need your help to cover the costs of recording, producing and printing the books + CDs and to support the official launch of the «Monkey» Book + CD project in February, 2019. THANK YOU!!!