TALITA KUM – Debut Album

by Talita Kum


I sing about God’s story with us. And about my story with him. At house concerts, in churches and in Swiss German. With your help I’d like to release my debut album.

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Successfully concluded on 3/12/2020

How it all started

I never planned to be a songwriter. But through a life crisis a few years back, I started to put my thoughts towards God in song form and found it to be a source of healing for my aching soul. Singing to God fulfills me and brings me closer to him.

In 2018 I took a leap and shared my songs at house concerts. I made the experience that something beautiful happens when I share my story of faith. People find themselves in it, reflect their own path, find courage, hope, joy.

Why Swiss-German?

Christian music is a niche. Singing in Swiss-German makes it a teeny-tiny niche. But my heart is all about expressing God’s story with us (and mine with him) in this language. I believe that I can enrich the Swiss worship landscape through my point of view and my personal colors and sounds.

How can you help?

The production of a song costs 2000 to 2500 Swiss Francs. Plus the costs of manufacturing the CD, photos, videos, fees…

6500 Swiss Francs combined with my own funds will enable me to professionally record a digital EP (a small album). If more comes together, I can afford making a real CD. And if you go completely wild, I can even make videos or record more songs. That, of course, would be the absolute dream.

In exchange for your support you can find all kinds of goodies to choose from.

Thank you so much for your support - big or small - through contributing or sharing the campaign - you are wonderful and I really look forward to working on this project and hopefully bring lots of music and hope to Switzerland.