«This adventure was the richest, the most intense experience of my life.» (Eduardo, social worker – Lausanne)

TAPIS ROUGE is a journey into another world. The world of a social worker whose enthusiasm will lead to a very tricky situation. A journey that will shake his beliefs and values… but for the best. In the end, they will all experience the most exciting trip ever...

More than a movie, a life experience

In the beginning, we met a group of kids who really wanted to make a film. TAPIS ROUGE was inspired by this. 

We taught the kids a week of improvisation class and wrote the screenplay based on our work. The kids were then ready for a dream come true: acting in a movie. Most of them going through a lot of trouble, it was a boat not to be missed…

A road movie halfway between fiction and reality

Supported by an extremely talented and genuine non-actor youth, an experienced comedian, a diligent acting direction and two reliable social workers, TAPIS ROUGE was going to be made. But we had to make it happen within 2 weeks because Cannes Film Festival was happening then and impossible to be rescheduled… This screenplay is based on the true story of our protagonists.


Why should you support us?

  • Complete postproduction under the best possible conditions (editing, sound mix and color correction)
  • Fulfill our commitment to the kids


  • Frédéric Landenberg
  • Mélissa Haguma
  • Jaimerose Awazi 
  • Marlon Ali Lattion 
  • Emmanuel Rivollet (Badoo) 
  • Sébastien Lopes Buanga 
  • Joël Gerber (Jo)
  • Yusuf Ali 
  • Marcel Ndala

A movie by Fred Baillif. Written with Kantarama Gahigiri and Fred Landenberg.

GOOD NEWS – the making of is online!