Support the spring-summer 2016 collection of tem pimenta, the Swiss label for fair fashion! Vouchers and other attractives rewards!

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Presentation of the Project

tem pimenta exists since 2014. The first collection was successfully launched in spring 2015. Today, the next one is ready to go into production.

Fair trade fashion

My goal is to produce responsibly. At a time of fast fashion, I want to distance myself from a system that exploits the workers of the textile industry in order to produce more at ever lower cost. I was therefore looking for a production partner who can guarantee a professional and respectful environment. Jacobswell, the partner I found in South India, has been certified by the World Fair Trade Organization. The women who work at this place are from disadvantaged backgrounds. This firm not only offers them good working conditions, but also on-going training. tem pimenta also participates in the Fashion Revolution Day.

tem pimenta needs your help!

tem pimenta is an ambitious project. I draw and create patterns, manage the website as well as the contacts with the boutiques and the press, organise the promotion (for example a fashion show, the photo shoot, …) am in constant touch with my partners in India, do the accounting, and so on …

Since the beginning of this adventure, I have been able to count on the strong support of my family and friends, who have all invested time to help me.

But tem pimenta still means an important financial investment for me.

The production of the next collection will cost about CHF 12’000.

Crowdfunding via Wemakeit would cover half of the costs.

Total production budget:

  • the material (patterns, fabrics, …)
  • the couture
  • the costs of shipments and custom
  • my travel expenses in India
  • the promotion and the communication

Not included in this budget:

  • my salary
  • the rent for my workshop in Sierre

The advantages you’ll have if you support the tem pimenta project via crowdfunding:

  • You participate in this adventure and demonstrate your commitment to responsible and ethical fashion!
  • You can get one or more tem pimenta pieces thanks to your voucher.
  • Why not offer a gift voucher to someone who appreciates tem pimenta’s approach and design? For Christmas or a birthday for instance!
  • With each contribution you get a discount on the next collection (between 5-20 %)!
  • If you like Indian food, there are also culinary counter-values!
  • Or you can develop your tailoring talents by participating in a workshop!


The voucher system not only entitles you to a piece of the spring-summer 2016 collection or another of the mentioned items but also to a price reduction! For example, if you opt for a voucher of CHF 100, you can buy a Coconut pants priced at CHF 110 for only CHF 99!

The reduction percentages of different vouchers are not cumulative.

Scarves, bags and vouchers will be delivered by post before spring. The next collection will be available from spring, you will be informed by email. Shipping costs will be offered in Switzerland and worldwide if you are using a voucher from this crowdfunding campaign.

Learn more about the spring-summer 2016 collection

The tem pimenta collections are produced in very small quantities. If you wear a tem pimenta dress, you know that there are less than 20 other dresses in this colour, a maximum of 6 in your size! tem pimenta is a very exclusive and original label!

The French artist Marie from Belette Print has contributed to this collection. It was she who created two of the three print patterns. Her motifs were then engraved on wood in Rajasthan and printed on the fabrics. Her work is beautiful, it is worth to visit her website:

Thank you for your support!

Die tem pimenta Kollektionen werden in sehr geringen Mengen produziert. Wenn du ein tem pimenta Kleid trägst, weisst du, dass es weniger als 20 andere Kleider in dieser Farbe gibt, in deiner Grösse meistens 6! tem pimenta ist eine exklusive und einmalige Marke.

Die französische Künstlerin Marie Labalette von Belette Print hat für diese Kollektion zwei der drei Motive geschaffen. In Rajasthan wurden die Motive dann auf Holzstempel übertragen, um die Stoffe zu bedrucken.

Vielen Dank für deine Unterstützung!