What this is about

I am a lawyer and a politician. I am loud and criticize our democracy. I want to change our state - out of love for Switzerland. Does that make me a terrorismist threat? Maybe soon it will.

And what about you?

If the new law to combat terrorism (PMT) is accepted on June 13, 2021, then we could soon all become potential enemies of the state. No matter if you are a journalist, an activist or simply a citizen that criticizes the Federal Council, defend climate change, want more women in power or want to preserve a free Switzerland.

Because according to the new law, all persons whose efforts «contribute to influencing or changing the order of the state» or promote this «by spreading fear» could be considered «terrorist endangerers». And this applies to children as young as 12!

The new terrorism law is an attack on our security and constitution. Because anyone and everyone can be put under house arrest for up to 9 months without even having had a crime in mind - let alone planned one. The suspicion that you could be dangerous is already enough. And anyone who violates an arbitrarily issued no-contact order could face up to three years in prison. As a result, any political activity that displeases the government could be interpreted as «terrorist activity».

Over 60 Swiss law professors and the United Nations have warned of the consequences of this new law. And our own Foreign Ministry has also protested. But the Minister of Justice does not want to hear.

This must not happen.


Why I need your support

With this crowdfunding campaign we stand up and ask our state the question: «Am I a potential terrorist?».

We still need the above amount to buy a full page of «20 Minuten», on which we will print all our faces. Because all these faces are potentially wrongly suspected terrorists.

Only with your help we can do this! Will you join us? Anonymous is of course also possible.

If so, please proceed as follows:

  • Donate 5 Swiss francs with the green button on the right (you can also donate a larger amounts)
  • Write the statement «terrorist?» on your forehead or on a piece of paper
  • Take a picture with yourself and send it to PMTnein@gmail.com
  • Share the photo on your social channels with the hashtag #PMTnein and the link to this website

Let’s all together stop this madness, before it’s too late. For the love of freedom and democracy.

Show courage NOW, as we have very little time left!

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