Thaï Yoga Massage for all

by lia lotti


I'd like to open up a space dedicated to Thaï Yoga Massage in Cantal, France. It is a concrete practice to support and nourish our bodies during these intense time of change.

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Why this project?

I call upon you circle of friends and family to help me realize a project dear to me: introduce the practice of Thaï Yoga Massage here in Cantal, France. 2019 brought me face to face with unexpected challenges, at times very painful for my body. Those deeply touched me at the core and brought me today to the necessity of expressing my true values. While receiving a Thaï Yoga massage, I opened up to a different space-time which allowed me to get closer to myself. I felt both a body and heart opening thanks to the softness of such massage. It is this quality of softness, so precious and powerful, that I’d like to now share thanks to this practice.

What is Thaï Yoga Massage?

This kind of massage treats the body very respectfully. It works with its natural and physiological movements. It adapts to the uniqueness of the individual. Tensions loosen up, counterbalance habits and accumulated body memories are dropped. The energy released during the massage pushes one forward, and we feel lighter and more conscious.

Your support is preciousssss

Thaï Yoga Massage is the first stone of a broader project: opening up a multidisciplinary space in service of wo-men. I ask for your support to educate myself at the Sunshine House, retreat dedicated to meditation, yoga and massage in Evia, Greece. The center is networked with Thaï Yoga Massage schools in Thailand. The course takes place from December 26th 2019 to January 6th 2020.

Detailed budget: Total budget: 1800€

  • course and accommodation: 1390€
  • traveling: 230€
  • crowdfunding fees: 180€