that’s attitude is a new cultural format, a unique platform for unconventional thinkers with courage and inner attitude. Demonstrating attitude is just GREAT!

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that’s attitude, what is it about?

that’s attitude is a new cultural format, a stage for unconventional thinkers with courage and attitude. We want to show you how extraordinary it is to go through life with inner attitude, courage and especially civil courage. In our SALON we will introduce you to amazing people and initiatives. Artists and creative people, thinkers and philosophers, craftsmen and business men, and of course, simply ordinary people. They all have one thing in common: they pursue their goals with inner attitude and courage against many challenges and stick to their values.

What will we offer with that’s attitude?

We intend to organize exciting salons. During these events we would like to enthuse, entertain and inspire you and bring together interesting people. There will be exhibitions dedicated to a particular topic as well as fuel for intellect and sense. The first ever that’s attitude SALON with guests from the fields of art, culture, economy and science will take place in 2014 at the Museum Bellerive in Zurich, Switzerland.

We also have a homepage which is currently under construction. We will report out from the SALON and offer suggestions regarding our topics: courage, inner attitude and civil courage. You will have the opportunity to suggest your very own that’s attitude heroes, let us know about your preferred topics and even share your own projects.

We need your support for the following

In a small team consisting of experts from the areas of culture, communications, architecture and new media we are working full speed (and pro bono) to market and conceptually put together the first SALON. To professionally launch into the next round of production and to be able to find the most appropriate partner to cooperate with, we would need your support to cover the pre-conceptional work, printing costs, little advertising materials, and to finalize our homepage.

Our way to say «thanks»

First off, we want to genuinely thank you for your effort and support. Plus, we have thought about some special and exclusive ways to say thanks. Because you, you were essentially the heart and soul of that’s attitude from the beginning.

Our team

Cornelia Faist – Founder
Nadine Jerchau – Scenography
Tatjana Pra Levis – Design
Murielle Leucker – Assistance in Design