Nestled in the heart of Biel’s picturesque old town

The young Absurd Museum and its 35 square meters hold many surprises for you. Exhibitions of course, but also musical, culinary and theatrical events, as well as plenty of joyful happenings, all pleading allegiance to the Absurd, with a capital A!

The first exhibition, «Bienne, moustaches et céramique» by the wonderful Plonk & Replonk is a reality, but the museum’s future is all but secure. Since we have not (yet) received any funding, the museum’s life relies on limited means, and your support is therefore extremely valuable.

Why we need your help

As you will find out in the mute interview we have recently shot, we need your help for the museum to live long and prosper, and we certainly hope that the rewards on offer will satisfy your craving for nonsensical art.

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