Dance Basel FestivalVon Armando, am 12.2.2020 08:00

Hello Dear Supporters!!!

I write you with great news…..

I am excited to announce DANCE BASEL. Like Art Basel is a platform for the worlds top visual Artist, Dance Basel is a platform for the world best choreographers. Our 3 day festival will showcase choreographers on a short high quality platform, combined with a live interview with the public.

We have Just received support from the Basel Cultural Department!!!! That is a BIG deal!!!! Hahahaha!

Even though we have this support, we must of course prove ourselves by raising the remainder. And of course I need more than I am asking for! haha! I have applications in for other funding sources, and I must raise a portion from crowdfunding!

Donation Link:

I know we have crowdfunded before, but I my answer to that is…. your support worked!!!! We enjoy a great success with one the top dance schools in Basel, A large community of adult dancers, and children… over 300 dance lovers!!! Started and supported by the international community and through We Make It!. We are lucky that we can say that, and come back with a new project that is backed by the city straight away. We have also started our non-for-profit association called the Braswell Arts Association, which gives us a better chance at receiving funding.

This festival has a great potential and I already have AMAZING artists interested in being a part of this! Please consider supporting our festival. And If you can not give at this time, please share this on your social media platform…which goes a long way!

Donation Link:


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Good News! Sponsorship, TV appearance, Residency, Rasta ThomasVon Armando, am 21.10.2017 05:00

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Hello everyone!

I am dropping in to update you with some GOOD NEWS about the Braswell Arts Center.

All donors under 300CHF should have received their gifts! Send us photos! All of the higher donors please be patient as we organize your t-shirts and theater tickets and things like that.

We are proud to announce that we have officially been sponsored by the Basellandschaftlichen Kantonalbank!!! They are very serious about getting our childrens program going AND supporting the idea of Ballet for everyone….ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! We are so proud and honored.

We have been lucky to have some good press about our project:

SRF1 Glanz und Gloria:

Regio Aktuell:

Wie wär’s mal mit:


We are absolutely thrilled to announce our POP-UP class series is back with world-renowned artist, RASTA THOMAS!!We are so grateful to Rasta for his enthusiasm and willingness to come to our space and share his energetic and inspiring classes with our Ballett Dienstag family! Saturday, October 28th & Sunday, October 29th.More information at .

AND LASTLY Our Artistic Residency has started this year and we have to get it off the ground ourself with private funds. This year we have found a new exciting dance project and are trying to raise funds for the artists and team as they rehearse and perform at the Braswell Arts Center. If anyone is willing to support THE FIRST residency at BAC and a very important part of our programming please visit our site where you can donate online:

Thank you all for reading! Sending you love and positive energy! Armando and Lisa Braswell :)


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Open Door DayVon Armando, am 3.9.2017 12:58

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A big hello to our beautiful supporters!

You are on our minds as we prepare all of your thank yous! Please make sure all of your information is updated and correct. In the meantime we want to invite you to our:

Tag Der Offenen Tür #2 - Braswell Arts Center

Monday, September 4th 2017 // 15:00 - 22:00 Uhr at the Braswell Arts Center (Austrasse 19, CH -4051 Basel)


15:00-17:00 Open Doors

17:00-18:00 Q&A with Armando Braswell

18:30-20:00 Open Level Modern with Andrea Tortosa Vidal*

20:15-21:45 Beginner Jazz with Armando Braswell*

  • You are welcome to watch the classes, but for those who want to JOIN in on the fun, please see the following Facebook event for information on how to sign-up for these FREE Ballett Dienstag classes. Pre-registration is required and spaces are limited!

If you can, stop by and bring a friend!


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Thank YOU!!!!Von Armando, am 11.7.2017 10:47

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to pop in and say again, Thank you to all of the donors for your donations and support. We have raised over 35,000CHF in 15 days and that is incredible. So many people have stepped up to support our campaign for our new dance floor and we are very grateful. After a small waiting period, the dance floor finally arrived yesterday. And it looks great.

Me and my team have already started working on all of your thank you prizes! Look out for our informational email coming soon.

A big thank you to Daniel Schild and Family for donating our new Bechstein Piano! It was important for me to have a Grand piano and a sprung floor so that I can invite high quality artists.

Thank you to Sussane Ferrario who donated a generous supply of leggings, to help kick start our Braswell Arts Center Shop kiosk!

I can’t go away without saying a big thank you to Richard Wherlock and Theater Basel, who without their unending support and love, none of this would be possible.

Not everyone gave online. Not everyone gave money. Not everyone wanted to be mentioned. But Lisa and I are eternally grateful and so full of happiness and love.

The work is not over, we are just beginning.


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UPDATE: Braswell Arts Center crowdfunding campaign Von Armando, am 8.5.2017 15:29



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