The Chikitas go record in the USA!

The crucial moment of the 3rd album for our band has come! After releasing «Distoris Clitortion» in 2014, we were warmly received, notably with the single «Lalalala».

Following the sound of our influences, we now need to give it a US spice… So let’s cook! We’re glad to announce we plan to record our next album analog with Jim Waters in Arizona! He worked with artists such as Sonic Youth and The join spencer blues explosion.among others.

To realize this crazy project and go record some brand new vibrant hot tracks just for you, we need your love and support!

This experience will definitely pimp us up by recording analog in 15 days. We have made decisions in order to make sure that we get back with a rocking LP and an unforgivable experience. Through Jim’s experience and our hard work, your precious help will sure let our music be like a bullet in your headphones!

Out of a budget of CHF 40’000, it would be groovy you help us out up to CHF 20’000.

Can we make it with chu?

Thank you!