The Erlkings Do Schumann

by The Erlkings

Vienna and London

The Erlkings will never be done with Schubert but now we’ve set our sights on Robert Schumann and we’re going to take him for all he's worth, starting with «Dichterliebe» and «Liederkreis» (Op. 39).

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Welcome To The World Of Schumann

After sharing our wild love of Schubert with you in our last two albums, we are finally ready to bring all that we’ve learned to a new world of song: the complex and beautiful madness of Robert Schumann’s Lieder. We have chosen two of his most iconic works, Dichterliebe (op.48) and Liederkreis (op.39) to translate, arrange and record. Together these two cycles will make for an hour of music that will take you deep into the mind of this unbalanced genius, and even deeper into the minds of four equally mad Erlkings.

  • Bryan - Voice & Guitar
    Bryan - Voice & Guitar
  • Ivan - Cello
    Ivan - Cello
  • Simon - Tuba
    Simon - Tuba
  • Thomas - Percussion & Vibraphone
    Thomas - Percussion & Vibraphone
  • The Erlkings
    The Erlkings

The Erlkings Like You've Never Heard Them Before

It is only natural that after diving deep into the songs of Schubert, the next great challenge for The Erlkings should be Robert Schumann. These composers have much in common in the way they found themselves through song, but that is where the similarities end. Schumann’s songs are fast and wild, euphoric and desperate, sometimes all within the space of a single minute. This has pushed us to a new level as we have tried to understand and make these songs our own. Look forward to cynical humor, aching love and ferocious joy in this new collaboration between The Erlkings and Schumann.

Here's What We Are Going To Make

Over the last year we have been translating and arranging Schumann’s 16-song cycle «Dichterliebe» and will be ready to record it soon. The second half of the album, the «Liederkreis op 39» with 12 songs, is a whole new project that we are very excited to dig into. Once it’s all done we will deliver another high quality recording with that signature Erlkings style, beautiful cover artwork and booklet of translations.

What do we need your support for:

  • Recording in two stages: August 2019 «Dichterliebe» / Januar 2020 «Liederkreis op.39»
  • Mixing and Mastering
  • Original artwork and illustrations
  • A small booklet with the new English texts
  • Printing and distribution of the album

To be able to realize this next step into the wonderful world of song we’d love your support!

If you have no patience to wait for the album, we would be happy to see you at one of our upcoming concerts this summer:

  • 31.5. & 1.6. - Oranjewoud Festival (NL)
  • 6.6. - Ludwigsburger Schlossfestspiele 1/2 (DE)
  • 7.6. - Brick 5, Wien (AT)
  • 27.6. - Schlosss Elmau
  • 27.6. - Paul-Lechler-Saal, Stuttgart (DE)
  • 28.6. - Im Wizemann, Stuttgart (DE)
  • 29.6. - Entenmanns, Esslingen (DE)
  • 5.7. - Ludwigsburger Schlossfestspiele 2/2 (DE)
  • 14.7. - Schloss Nymphenburg, München (DE)
  • 23.9. - MuTh, Wien (AT)
  • 18.10. & 19.10. - BASF, Ludwigshafen (DE)