Let's create a place of power for people where they can strengthen their well-being and health with various massages, yoga courses and natural products from the store.

CHF 10’590

105% of CHF 10’000

105 %
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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 5/2/2024

The center and the course room

The current Ayurveda practitioner wants to give up her center in Ostermundigen, Blankweg 2a, for personal reasons. I found out about this because I give massage courses in the course room. As I used to run my own massage practice with staff, I have the confidence to do this and asked her if she could imagine handing it over to me. She said that she would have approached me anyway and that I would be the ideal successor. She, the existing therapists and the subtenants would be delighted if I continued to run the center. But I need money to take over. That’s why I came across Wemakeit. I would be grateful for your support.

As the furniture belongs to the Ayurveda doctor, she wants money for it. Depending on how much money I can raise, I could also buy the furniture from her later and use it in the meantime.

The course room could be used more. To increase the utilization of the course room, I will use money for targeted marketing.

  • Massage practice
    Massage practice
  • Left practice 2 and front right to the course room
    Left practice 2 and front right to the course room
  • Entrance to the center
    Entrance to the center

Massage practice

Keskuses on kaks praksist. Üürin ühe praksise välja korterina/praksisena. Mul on juba üks huviline võtnud kohustuse. Seega on ühe praksise põhirent juba makstud.

Ayurveda praktik on töötanud peamiselt teises praksises. Ta võtab palju mööblit kaasa. Ma saan osa sellest asendada, sest ma lõpetan oma praksise. Aga osa sellest pean ostma uue. Seda praksist hakkavad kasutama teise praksise terapeudid, minu «vana» meeskond ja mina ise.

  • Massage practice 1
    Massage practice 1
  • Massage practice 1
    Massage practice 1
  • Massage practice 2
    Massage practice 2
  • Anteroom massage practice 2 and lounge
    Anteroom massage practice 2 and lounge


The majority of the investment will go into the store. The store can barely support itself financially with sales, but it could generate more sales. Currently only Ayurveda products are sold. My plan is to add other health products to the range in addition to Ayurveda. I need money to buy more shelves and new products. Also everyday products and regional items so that we can support regional producers. The goal is to transform the store into a new eco-friendly store where lots of people come in and out. To attract more customers to the store, money is required for targeted advertising campaigns.

The store employee can continue to work there. Depending on how much money is raised, she will receive another work colleague. So that the shop can be open on more days and the holiday replacement is regulated. The money is used to secure the employee’s wages; she depends on it.

The online shop is taken over, optimized and made more attractive by integrating new products. Part of the investment is needed for marketing activities (ads) to increase the awareness of online shops. I will check if it has suitable dropshipping products that I can include in the online store (shipping directly from the wholesaler to the customer).

Depending on the amount available, I will also consider purchasing a modern checkout system and a major redesign of the store. This will not only increase efficiency but also create an engaging shopping experience for customers.

Il primo obiettivo sarebbe di 10.000 franchi svizzeri, con i quali e con i miei soldi posso mandare avanti il centro. Il passo successivo sarebbe di 20.000 franchi, che mi consentirebbero di aumentare il valore del negozio e di acquistare i mobili dal medico. Con 50.000 franchi potrei dare un impulso allo sviluppo dell’intero centro.

Credo nel centro sanitario e in me stesso. La commessa, i subaffittuari e i terapisti vi saranno incredibilmente grati se acquisterete dei buoni da noi. Se non volete usarli voi stessi, potete regalarli a qualcun altro.

Ci vediamo presto, magari all’aperitivo di riapertura :-)

  • Store
  • Store
  • Selphy von Sabrina und Silvio
    Selphy von Sabrina und Silvio
  • Sabrina Jampen
    Sabrina Jampen
  • Silvio Gallo
    Silvio Gallo