A musical comedy by W. A. Mozart: two prima donnas –one director – rivalry – opera – acting – airs & graces – financial problems – irony – need for admiration – crossover – SUPPORT US!

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The Impresario

«,Mr. Frank, find an ensemble, singing, dance, acting! Our premises are big enough to allow rehearsals and shows. The chamber orchestra of our theater will be at your command of course.’ Just perfect, right? I thought I had not heard correctly and then: ‚You only have to concern yourself with the fund raising, Mr. Frank.’«

The impresario Frank has to find an ensemble. However he has no clue how he should finance this project. On top of that he is forced to cope with the airs and graces of the artists.

What is it about?

We – Deborah and Anna, currently studying singing at Zurich University of the arts and Viola, wild artist child and our director – will perform our final project THE IMPRESARIO (music by W.A. Mozart) on the 17th of June 2017 in the Toni-Areal Zurich. To make it happen we need your help! To perform a whole opera with 8 artists and if possible a small orchestra goes beyond the scope of a normal final project.

Why the Impresario?

This opera is a crossover between acting and singing and therefore a diverse and amusing production.

THE IMPRESARIO by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart will never be out of date. Rivalry, the need for admiration, as well as financial problems have always been an issue in the world of performing arts. We as young students are confronted with it as well. The so called Singspiel allows us to look at our own world with irony while allowing the audience a peek behind the curtains.

The story is about an audition to which many different artists appear, hoping to get a job. This basic idea can easily be expanded by including own ideas.

We will complement Mozarts music with arias by Victor Herbert, Johann Strauss and Douglas Moore. Viola has written a more modern and fresh text based on the original libretto by Johann Gottlieb Stephanie dem Jüngeren.

Why we need you!!!

To realise the project we need your help. Many foundations do not support study projects and because we will perform it at the Zurich University of the Arts we are not allowed to sell tickets.

We are investing a lot of time, devotion and love into this project but this does neither pay for scenery, nor costumes or musicians fees.

We would be thrilled if you decide to help in the contribution of our project. As a thank you for your support we have thought out some little rewards…