, the online shop for sustainable second-hand children's fashion, opens «THE KIDIS LAB» in Zurich - an innovative concept with self-check-out tills, live insights into production & more.

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Successfully concluded on 7/3/2024

THE KIDIS LAB - Sustainable kids fashion, innovation, community. was born out of the conviction that sustainable second-hand kids fashion should be more than just a trend - it should be a way of life.

Over the past 5 years, our young, passionate team has managed to turn the online store into a popular port of call for parents who want to shop consciously and find high-quality second-hand fashion from sustainable brands for their children.

After many years of online engagement, we now want to realize the long-awaited innovative concept: «THE KIDIS LAB». A unique place in Zurich where sustainable children’s fashion can be experienced in a new way. Self-checkout tills, live insights into the production of the online store and many exciting events on the topic of sustainability await you.

It’s time for a big step forward and we need your support.

  • Certified sustainable second hand kids fashion
    Certified sustainable second hand kids fashion
  • Second hand lovingly packaged
    Second hand lovingly packaged

What makes THE KIDIS LAB so special.

THE KIDIS LAB should be more than just a second-hand store - it should be a lively space in which our values for resource-conserving kids fashion are tangible.

  • Self-checkout tills: By integrating self-check-out tills, we want to create a new kind of shopping experience that is entirely tailored to parents and their needs.

  • Live insights into online shop production: Another highlight is the opportunity to look behind the scenes: how will the selected second-hand kids fashion come to the online shop and what are our efforts at the same time. This transparent insight is our contribution to an open and honest relationship between us and our community.

  • Play, learn and experience:

To make the experience unforgettable for kids and parents, we also want to offer a creative play corner for the little ones, a cozy place to breastfeed, the opportunity for an ideas workshop and exciting events.

  • Curated second hand assortment for kids
    Curated second hand assortment for kids
  • Second hand kids fashion from sustainable brands
    Second hand kids fashion from sustainable brands

We need your support for this.

In order to open THE KIDIS LAB in Zurich and realize our vision, we need your help. The funds we raise through this crowdfunding campaign will be used for the following purposes:

Most of it will be invested in the technology:

  • Technical connection of 2 systems
  • an innovative logistics system for digital and local stationary shopping.
  • Self-checkout till

A portion will then be invested in furnishings and the shooting station

  • Furniture for store fittings and some renovation work
  • new professional shooting station for greater efficiency and quality, adapted to the new environment

Last but not least, a portion goes towards the play corner, ideas workshop and events

  • Child-friendly play corner made from sustainable materials
  • Furniture and accessories for the quiet zone for breastfeeding
  • Setting up a small ideas workshop for parents

Your support in this crowdfunding project is the key to making The KIDIS LAB a vibrant place for conscious consumption and sustainable kids fashion.

If you are convinced that a sustainable lifestyle is inevitable, if you are a supporter of second-hand culture and if you believe that clothes should be kept in circulation as long and as often as possible - then our project is just right for you.

Thank you very much.

The Kidis Team

  • Adri & Pascal - Founders of Kidis
    Adri & Pascal - Founders of Kidis
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