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Third album

We are excited to say we are ready to record our 3rd Album. It will be a collection of Irish Folk songs and tunes but also containing many original songs written by the group. We will record at Soundvillie Media Studios in Luzern, Switzerland. The tracks will be mixed by Eoin Withfield at The Hive Studios in Ireland.

What’s new

The big difference between this release and our previous albums is that we are working with 2 different promotion companies to help get the Album out there. One US and one Swiss PR company have already agreed to work with the group. Exciting!

Thank you for your backing!

As always there are many different rewards if you support us. You will be asked to subscribe on wemakeit… Don’t worry, they don’t send SPAM or anything. They just want your info so WE can send you your reward. Thanks for reading and spread the word.

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