Realization of a book

A failed business of my father with powerful people and big companies, conditioned and changed my life abruptly; with consequences that also hit me, but which my father created. The unhealed wounds - which didn’t let me become the man I wanted to be - I could only suppress for a certain time. But inside, my desire for justice and rectification got stronger and stronger, so that four years ago I decided to take up this fight again on my own. An unspoken scandal that only lawyers, judges, their accomplice and my family know about. It’s time for the book - a book that shows it all - the whole scandal.

A true story

Over the past four years, I have gathered all of the evidence and documents necessary to take action in this matter. It cost me a lot of energy and money. I even went so far that I broke off all social contacts in order to be able to fully concentrate on this matter. A growing abyss of intrigues and lies was shown to me more and more through my research, as well as the names of the powerful key figures. The story began with my father in the late 1990s, and I took it up again four years ago. This book will contain revelations and show with original documents how the almost hopeless struggle of my father and, indirectly, my family against an opponent who couldn’t be more powerful. Rights and law are seldom on the side of the common citizen; the law of the mighty applies.

Costs for the writer/author

The required funds are used exclusively for the professional author and the cover design. The cover design will be realized by Beyond Cover Design. For the book I am working with a Swiss author who finds the right words for me, but will not mentioned by name. If the crowdfunding is successful, the book will be realized/written in a time frame of 6 - 8 months. Various publishers have already been contacted, and specific negotiations will begin as soon as a first draft of the book is available.