The Project

The Lodge is a photographic project that was originally commissioned by the website These pictures take their inspiration from Twin Peaks, the tv show created by David Lynch, in the 90s. My photographic work consisted on using some of the codes of the tv show and imaging some new ones and bringing them together in the same coherent work. The whole project was shot on medium format film and polaroid.

Lately, the project got some heat in a few national newspapers, because of what happened during one part of the shooting. While we were taking pictures of the discovery of the dead body of our Laura Palmer at «L’étang de la Gruère» in Jura, some people unfortunately thought it was for real and called the police. They sent their special force to arrest us. A misadventure without any big consequences, but it helped the project to be known nationwide.

You can have a look at the whole project if you click on the link at the end of the page.

The Photographer

Moviegoer and photographer, but also graphic designer, video clip director and singer in a band. As much as I can, I try to bring together all of these interests to create project where I can use my knowledge and my experience.


The Funding

The funding of this project will be mainly used for the prints production and the framing material for the 25 pictures of the project. Your help will allow this project to be seen by many people, in a very attended venue and in the best possible conditions (exhibition prints), but also to then be shown in other exhibition places in Switzerland or elsewhere. The funding will also help to bring together a full exhibition concept, including a soundtrack tailor-made by a swiss artist, and also a specific scenography created for the pictures.


The Rewards

In exchange of your help, many different rewards will be available. Original prints (at reduced prices), signed and numbered, at different sizes, framed or not, but also postcards, posters and other original and unique rewards (some of them I will add later in the campaign).