The Mozart machine

by Mozartautomat

Wien and Perchtoldsdorf

It is disturbing that Mozart could have been the produk of a mad genius. The Mozart automaton, artificially created with a now forgotten AI technology, this is the ultimate OPERA!

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Concluded on 15/1/2023

The Mozart's automaton

The aim of the project is to open up new world of thought and sound spaces.It possible that the story was written incorrectly. Wolfgan Amadeus Mozart died in Vienna on Dec.5,1791. The cause of death remained a mystery. And to this day it is not know where and if he was buried. But the most crucial question is this: what if something of Mozart was still alive?- In the chamber opera «Mozart automaton» we learn something incredible about it. The associations with punk musically fulfills the text of the author Claudia Toman.

My project is special because ...

An all-female orchestra under the direction of Petra Giacalone ist the best condition for convincingly transmitting emotionally intense and sometimes deliberately harsh and upsetting instrumental colors to the audience.As a mystical detective film, the soloist grope in the dark until the light enters internal and external scenario and the question remains in the artistic space:who is the author, the composer or the designer?

This is what I need backing for.

Continue with the production for performances in Vienna and other Austrian provinces. If a big sponsor wants to help us, we can also to come to Switzerland. There is a complete production wich has been performed several times in Lower Austria.CDs and DVDs in film version were produced.