About The Mudcats and this video clip project

Inspired by music groups such as The Hellacopters, The Sewergrooves or Imperial State Electric to name a few, the band’s music is dynamic, punchy and resolutly fun! After having played many venues in the region and a couple of line-up changes later, the ’Cats hit the studio in the summer of 2015 to record the 5 tracks of «Extremely Powerful», which is set to be released in September 2016. Just before this release will be issued the video clip for the song «Slowing Down» taken from the EP.

For this first clip The Mudcats chose to entrust Brice Hincker from C.H.S Prod to do the filming and editing. Known for his creativity and professionalism, Brice has worked with many bands (Smash Hit Combo, Voice Of Ruin, Make Me A Donut, …). Shooting will take place all in one day, on Sunday 26 June in Geneva. After editing, the final product can be expected beginning of September that is 2-3 weeks before the release of «Extremely Powerful»

Pitch of «Slowing Down» and your contribution to the project

The clip «Slowing Down» tells the story of a masked biker who rides around the city and assaults everyone who crosses his way. Unstoppable he is finally caught up by karma! He will then have to face his demons and is conveyed to slow down (hence the title of the song). Filmed as a series of scenes where we see our antihero play all the imaginable dirty tricks on the members of The Mudcats, interspersed with scenes of the band playing the song, this clip is far from being moralizing and should not be taken literally but more as a funny little skit where humor prevails on all other philosophical considerations!

Besides the classic counterparts such as T-Shirts and CDs, this project calls upon your creative side and lets you participate in the making of one of the scenes from the clip, assist on the set or even play a role in one of the scenes!