The Nueva Luna Experience

by Sofia and Nadine


Nueva Luna Yoga is more than a yoga studio... it's a community in motion! A place to move, to connect with the body and to connect with others from French-speaking Switzerland.

CHF 24’330

121% of CHF 20’000

121 %
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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

105 backers

Successfully concluded on 4/1/2023

Nueva Luna Yoga, a community in motion !

With joy and emotion, we are eager to share with all of you that we are taking over the beautiful studio of L’Equilibre Yoga, Passage Saint-François 6, in the center of Lausanne. As of January 1st 2023, the studio becomes: Nueva Luna Yoga.

Keep growing is the Nueva Luna Yoga mindset. Why? Because we want to create a space where every person can express and develop themselves through yoga, but not only! As with a new moon, you will find an energy of renewal and expansion in our studio, creating space for growth, evolution and allowing yourself to open to new perspectives.

Whether yoga, meditation, movement or strengthening, we have prepared a diverse curriculum supplemented by workshops and trainings as well as unique events. Everyone will be welcome as they are, without judgment. We will offer collective and private classes for both adults and children.

It is our mission and purpose to make this practice accessible to as many people as possible. With this in mind, we aim to collaborate with local companies in the canton to develop programs geared towards improving stress management and prevent burnout.

Yoga is much more than physical exercise, it is a multi-facetted practice that we want to share with you, to discover and learn.

Our mission? That every Lausannois(e) tries yoga at least once within the next 5 years and that yoga and meditation integrate our work spaces and offices.

More than a yoga studio

At Nueva Luna, we wish to be an active participant in building a more conscious society, and we believe whole heartedly that through movement and strengthening our community we can accomplish this.

The studio will go through a refresh and will be reconfigured to offer a space for massages and other wellness services, expositions and a pop-up store showcasing local artists and a selection of second-hand clothing. We are also planning to create a coffee-tea corner with a patio to further promote exchanges between studio community members.

Nueva Luna will thus be a hub for discovery and community exchange with creativity at the heart of this space.

For this beautiful project to see the light of day, we need you! Show your support and join us for this adventure.

This is what I need backing for.

With much effort and some risk taking, the studio’s starting funds are covered by our personal savings. But in order to execute on our vision and bring to life the studio’s renewal, we need your support.

The first 20,000 CHF will allow us to execute the remodeling of the space, improve the lighting and sound systems, buy new yoga equipment, invest in visible signage for the neighborhood as well as create our branding and visual identity.

The additional 15,000 CHF will serve as our initial cash flow.

Details of investments :

  • studio fittings : 4’000.00
  • terrace fittings : 4’000.00
  • lighting : 2’000
  • sound system: 1500
  • yoga equipment: 800
  • signage in the neighbourhood: 2’200
  • visual identity: 5’500