The untold story of the Swiss colony

Nova Friburgo celebrates its 200th anniversary in 2018, offering us the opportunity to trace its genesis and see Switzerland and Swiss people from another perspective. The Swiss were the first European immigrants to settle in Brazil after the Portuguese and their story involves very actual discussions.

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Why it's important to make this documentary

I believe the story of Nova Friburgo should be told, not only for its inherent epic interest but also because it sheds a light on very present issues nowadays such as equality, cultural identity, immigration, and climate change. It gives us a different perspective on very human issues. Today the Swiss descendants are found by the thousands throughout the mountain range, mixed with Portuguese, African, Italian, Spanish, German, etc. This documentary is also interested in the fusion of cultures and how Brazilians deal with their historical and ethnic heritage.

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How we'll invest this money

Many images have already been shot. Now we’re focused on the following steps:

  • Trip to Nova Friburgo for 2 weeks to produce the final interviews in the place as well as to shoot images covering the 200th-anniversary events. We need to pay for tickets, transport, accommodation, food and a small crew.
  • We need to rent an editing station and engage a good editor to help to finalize the film