The other me is the dramatic story of a young girl facing herself and the prejudice of society. It is about a very difficult love square between herself, her love, her desire and her unhappiness...

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Concluded on 10/10/2015

The other me

Ange, a young woman from Cameroon living in Switzerland, shares her love life with Mike, her future husband. Ange’s father doesn’t like the young man and so finds her an appropriate fiancé in Cameroon.

The life of this in-law family with illusory ambitions is changed when Ange meets Alexia, a beautiful and seductive production assistant.

Ill or badly assisted? Between Africa and Europe, this story allows us to travel across various cultures and arts.

Filming in Cameroon

We have already made the first part of the film. Now we only have to film the rest in Switzerland.

The actors

The particularity of the actors in this film is that they also have incredible talent in other artistic areas. Versatility is their strength and it has led them to work on several varied projects.

The talented Emil Abossolo Mbo is one of the icons of Cameroonian filmmaking. He has performed in the following films: Ezra, L’homme qui crie. Hitman…and these are only a few. He has also appeared in television series: the Highlander, Plus Belle la Vie, Une Vie en Or, Ultime Conviction, Qui sème le vent etc. For those who have seen Kinkou et les bêtes sauvages, the voice of the uncle is Emil Abossolo Mbo…

  1. Emil Abossolo Mbo: actor – writer – script writer
  2. Viviane Dayo: actress – producer – script writer
  3. Olivier Ngoundé: actor – choreographer - dancer
  4. Véréna Lopes: actress – dancer
  5. Chryss M’Ronn: actor – choreographer -dancer
  6. Olivia Ndaye: actress – dancer

Intention: first feature film

The idea of this film comes from my rejection of any act of gratuitous judgment. Being a very shy person, I suffered great damage as a child because of not knowing how to approach others. My actions were very often misinterpreted. Unfortunately, other people thought I was a snob sufficient to myself and scorning others. In reality, this was not true.

So, through this film I would like to:

  1. Show a young girl as part of a family and of society to which she «seems» to belong to.
  2. Lead people to take the time to understand the ’other’ before marginalizing them.
  3. Encourage questioning and research into oneself and the ’other’.
  4. Encourage the understanding that often the way the ’other’ sees us can be fatal.
  5. Show the beauty of diversified and multicultural art that makes up a powerful subject, which I defend.
  6. Make the film while using various types of art.
  7. Use music and dance as other ways of expressing sadness, joy, or anger etc.

We need your support

This little baby can come into the world with your invaluable support. The money would allow us:

  1. To ensure all logistical details as well as transportation.
  2. Rent some of the materials.
  3. Pay for the actors’ travel.
  4. Ensure the provision of water and food during the filming.

We thank you in advance. To find out more about the film and the staff, visit our site:

Nous avons besoin de votre soutien

Ce petit bébé peut voir le jour grâce à votre soutien inestimable. Cet argent nous permettrait:

  1. D’assurer la logistique et les transports.
  2. Louer une partie du matériel.
  3. Payer le déplacement des acteurs.
  4. Assurer l’approvisionnement en eau et nourriture pendant le tournage.

Par avance, nous vous remercions et pour en savoir plus sur le film et l’équipe de tournage, visitez notre site internet: