The other Side of the Story

The other Side of the Story

by Jutta Schimanko


With this photo project, I’d like to help breast cancer diagnosed people through this hard situation. These pictures will show an artistic view with a dash of self-mockery about it.

EUR 700

9% of EUR 7’500

9 %
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Concluded on 16/4/2015

F#*k You Cancer

What happens inside of you, when you get confronted with this diagnosis? How do you handle the fact of losing all your hair? And what’s the deal with breast-implants anyway? These are questions you only can really relate to, if you went this path yourself.

My photo series and the corresponding book deals with this kind of daily life-situations, both in pictures and short texts and points out the humorous and morbid side of the story. Because! During this phase, nearly nothing seems real. And black humor, well that comes automatically…

My great team

Such a big project, you can’t realize on your own. Therefore, I am really happy to have a professional team surrounding me and backing me up. Members of this team are the photographer Markus C. Ender, make-up artist Ken Krüger – he will also appear in a special feature within the project – as well as designers like Marcos Valenzuela (Tiberius), Alwa Petroni and many more.

(c) Markus C. Ender
(c) Markus C. Ender

What is the money for?

Naturally, a lot of costs are coming up and I’d be really thrilled about it, if you like and support my project. Through wemakeit, I hope to collect money for equipment-rental, misc. material costs and accessories for the shooting, possible retouching, photo prints for the exhibition, rental-fee for the location, print material (postcards, invitations, flyers, etc.), copy-editing of the illustrated book and print costs for the book itself.

Meanwhile, I already found companies and organizations that will support the opening event through product sponsoring!

Where do we go from here?

All of the net profit out of the sale of pictures and books will be donated to the project «myAid» of the non-profit organization «Dancer against Cancer».

That means, the more I can collect through crowdfunding up in front, the more I can donate, once the project is through. Thank you for your support!