13th Zurich Acapellanight 2016 – The REAL Thing

The 13th Zurich Acapellanight organizes on January 29th/30th 2016 two evenings with concerts and a two-day workshop. For the first time ever, The Real Group, the world-famous Swedish acappella ensemble, will perform on a stage in Zürich. Saturday night, the stage will be open to various ensembles from Switzerland!

THE REAL GROUP from Sweden has been an ambassador of acappella music for more than 30 years throughout the world. After touring the U.S. and Asia, we would be thrilled to welcome THE REAL GROUP for the first time in Zurich.

For the past 12 years, the popular Zurich Acapellanight has been the key event for acappella music in the Zurich area. The festival offers a platform for various non professional vocal ensembles to perform in front of large audience.

What’s our goal?

There is an increasing popularity of acappella singing. The Zurich Acapellanight opens their stage for various ensembles (tuningforks, Frölein Da Capo, Martin O., zapzarap, Urstimmen, …) and has contributed to start up several careers of artists. In the afternoon workshops, the participants can experiment new things and expand their musical perspective.

The concerts and workshops in 2016

Friday, 29.01.2016

The Real Group in concert.

Saturday 30.01.2016

13th Zurich Acapellanight featuring 5 acappella-ensembles from the greater Zurich area.

Friday and Saturday 29. & 30.01.2016

Members of The Real Group offer two days of workshops for vocal ensembles and choir members. 30 years of experience on stage offer valuable support and helpful hints for the musical development of the participants.

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Who are we?

For the past 12 years, the Zurich Acapellanight has been organized by a non-profit organization, run by volunteers.

Why do you support us?

The invitation of the internationally renowned The Real Group in 2016 exeeds our financial capabilities. The total expense for the Zurich Acapellanight 2016 will be about CHF 50’000. And we want to keep the concert and workshop prices on the usual moderate level.

Only with the support through crowdfunding we can offer an event of this size.

Thank you very much for your contribution and your support. We look forward to offering you this concert and workshop program!

What will you get?

With your fundraising contribution you have the opportunity to make a unique event possible, while giving you a chance to get premium seats at the concerts and to enjoy exclusive moments.

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