Secret of Childhhood

Who we are? The team of four friends are working in a community in Karachi- Pakistan which has been deprived of education since centuries. The elders are involved in begging and drugs. The parents give birth to child and leave it to nature to take care of their growth. The elder child takes care of the younger ones, instead of the parents as is in practise in our society. We meet the parents, the elders and the leaders of the area making them realise that in this age nothing is possible without education. With the support of the elders and parents now they are heading towards a better future. Our main focus is to make our students good human beings and to develop in them and their parents a desire to serve their fellow beings.

We have been successful upto some level, but time has taught us that without Spiritual guidance true progress will never be achieved, further only education will not help them to achieve their goals. We have also learned to give more time and resources to have them develped in the proper direction in lines with the present day requirements.

«Regard man as mine rich in gems of inestimable value. Education can alone, cause it to reveal its treasure, and enable mankind to benefit there from» -Baha’u’llah

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Dream of a girl

My project is special because since I was 8 years old, I had a dream to do something for those children who could not have the possibility to go to school wearing uniforms, shoes and bags like me.

My sister and I have joint hands with MAZIN ACADEMY which was constructed at the center of a community in Karachi by a couple with three children and the school is named after their first son. They have left their comfort life and working in a community who was not familiar with the concept of education since centuries, whose people got their earnings from begging or from daily wages that was not a regular earning, not knowing the art of saving. Kids were happy with their daily life, gambling on the streets, using abusive language against each other and to their elders. The dresses of these kids cannot be framed in words, as dirty as one can think and barred feet without slippers, younger ones were seen even without dresses. The village did not have even a single toilet or bath room in their houses.The elders had gambling and drugs as part of their lives.

Address: Jogi moor, Alana Hasan Panwar village, Bin Qasin Town, near Nadeem International Show room, National High way Road, Karachi, Pakistan

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I need backing for:

Transforming one ordinary classroom into a Montessori 3-6 Classroom in October 2018. -I need to order some material from Nienhuis Heutink International | Industriepark 14 | 7021 BL Zelhem |1 The Netherlands

+Postal charges from Netherlands to Karachi -Pakistan

Link :

some basic ones are listed below: Mathematic Materials

Number Rods (red/blue) ($70) Sandpaper Numbers ($30) Number Cards Spindle Boxes ($45) Numbers & Counters ($25) Bead Stair ($10) Table Top Number Rods ($40)

Language Materials

Matching Cards Sand Tray (~$40) Mystery Bag(s) Sound Pouches for Each Letter - DIY Option Language Objects ($60) Metal Insets ($70) Sandpaper Letters ($50) 3-part Cards


4 Cylinder Blocks ($140) Pink Tower ($60) Brown Stair ($100) Red Rods ($75) - Knobless Cylinders ($70) Sound Cylinders ($40) Smelling Bottles ($40) Touch Boards ($30) Fabrics ($20) Baric Tablets ($20) Thermic Tablets ($25) Color Tablets (Color Box 2) ($30)

Culture & Science Materials

Sandpaper Globe ($40) Colored Globe ($35) Continents Map ($50-80) Continent Geography Folders/Boxes Land & Water Forms with Sandpaper Cards ($40) Calendar and Season Cards Botany Puzzles and Cards ($20 each puzzle) - Tree, Leaf, Flower, Fruit, Seed Zoology Puzzles and Cards ($20 each puzzle) - Fish, Frog, Turtle, Bird, Horse

some wooden shelves, tables, chairs and provide teacher’s training material.

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