This is what it's all about.

Due to the current emergency situation, The Social Shirt has accelerated its launch to act NOW against the Covid-19 pandemic.

30% of each T-shirt bought will be redistribute to COVID 19 Related causes.

THE SOCIAL SHIRT uniquely designs solid colored ethical T-shirts from premium materials with a European savoir-faire for women, men and kids. Each color is related to an environmental, sanitarian or human rights cause.

Each purchase represents the contribution to a direct partnership linking THE SOCIAL SHIRT and a given local or international structure such as organizations, university institutions, scientific study centers, research institutes and NGOs with similar or compatible values to ours.

True power resides in social consumerism when it comes to celebration of Humanity.

We do believe in the goodwill of Mankind.


The Social Shirt Philosophy

A purchase on of a T-shirt represents the contribution to a direct partnership linking The Social Shirt and a given structure .

By promoting social consumerism we commit to full transparency on our production Information and the re-distribution of profits within The Social Shirt and the related causes.

The Social Shirt commits itself to produce ethical and sustainable T-shirts.

With true commitment we have drawn up to 5 key points- Our Guidelines - to achieve significant and lasting results together.

  1. Develop sustainable high-quality products
  2. Reduce the environmental impact of our products and packaging through eco-design
  3. Manufacture in Europe
  4. Explore to our supply chain and know it better
  5. Commit to environmental and social non-profit organizations

We consider that all other product life-cycle parameters (manufacturing plans, transport, packaging, end-of-life use) are an essential foundation for our corporate responsibility.

And this foundation is continually tracked, optimized and improved.

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This is what I need backing for.

Unite against the COVID19 pandemic!

The funds will be required to manage creative development (production, campaign …) , marketing (communications) , jurisdictions and legal aspect of The Social Shirt.