We, James Choice & The Bad Decisions have produced our debut album, ’The Something in Nothing’, and need your help to raise the funds necessary to release it.

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We've made an album, and we need your support to release it:

Over the last eight months we’ve been hidden away in a studio in Vienna, busily recording our debut full length album, ’The Something in Nothing’. The recording process is done, finito, fertig, we’re overwhelmingly happy with the result, and can’t wait for it to reach you. But for that to happen, we need your support in funding the final production costs, so it can be heard by as many ears as possible.

Nice to meet you.

Hello! We are James Choice & The Bad Decisions, a five-piece Indie Rock songwriting team from Vienna. The origin of the band saw lead singer and songwriter, Sebastian Abermann create the pseudonym and musical protagonist ’James Choice’ when moving to London to study music. It was here that he first crossed paths with future bandmate, multi-instrumentalist and co-songwriter, Michael Dey (Petrol Girls, Michael Dey, Onk Lou). Upon returning to Vienna, Sebastian concreted the band’s final lineup, including bassist, Georg Schober (KAIKO, Keiner Mag Faustmann, Maltz), guitarist, Bernd Faszl (The Liberation Service, Maltz), and drummer, Kathrin Kolleritsch (KAIKO). This melding of creative musicians and friends has proven itself to be a beautiful combination, with us releasing 2016’s energetic, self-titled EP, performing at the likes of Nova Rock, and embarking on several European tours.

Our album, ’The Something in Nothing’

’The Something in Nothing’ is a record that has been growing with us over the last two years. In it, we tell a story of change and development through the eyes and experiences of the protagonist, ’James Choice’. From tales of conflict, growth, friendship and family, and even the loss of a family pet, we wanted to craft an album that’s connective and emotionally wrought, as well as damn catchy. Alongside the lyrics, we’ve tried to tell the tale of James Choice with a sweeping dynamic and musical landscape, with our emotionally fuelled rhythm section, driven, melodic guitar lines, both delicate and crashing pianos, all of which strengthened by layers of harmonic vocals from all five members of the band.

We chose to work in our home of Vienna, a major influence and the geographical centre for many of the stories we tell within the record. We had a beautiful time working alongside our wonderful and talented producer, Max Perner (Garish & Thees Uhlmann), who truly inspired us and helped bring the album to life.

We really hope you’ll support us, and we can’t wait to share the record with you!