The Star of Peace the movie

From Marseille to Sulaymaniyah, the story of Saber, journalist, Kurdish refugee who arrived in France with his family after persecution in Iran where he worked. Hosted in Marseille by a family of Persian origin of the Baha’i faith, he then returned to Iraqi Kurdistan for a journey backwards between Kurdish culture and spiritual discovery, a path to peace and unity of humanity

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My project is special because ...

Saber, an Iranian Kurd, testifies to his refugee journey and the solidarity of a Baha’i family from Marseille who welcomed him under his roof while he was on the street with his wife and their little boy. Then he sets out to discover the history of the Baha’i Faith in Iraqi Kurdistan, having himself adopted this new religion which establishes the unity of all humanity.

My name is Hewdem Mutlu and I am the producer of the film The Peace Star within the framework of the Swiss association La Rose Blanche of which I am the president.

I was very touched by the similarities between the teachings of the Baha’i Faith that we discover in the film and the objectives of my association:

Create friendly relations with representatives of other communities in Switzerland

Find solutions to social, economic and political problems based on the principles of tolerance and universal values

Fight against all forms of cultural, religious prejudice, gender inequalities

This is why I am proud and happy to produce this documentary, the aim of which is to explore the foundations of the Baha’i religion and its links with the Kurdish population.

Thank you very much for your support!

This is what I need backing for.

The first version of the film Étoile de la Paix, which was screened at the Martigues cinema in preview, is a draft that requires reworking the script and the editing.

We need new funds to finalize this documentary in the best possible version in order to compete on festivals and reach a sufficient quality for the passage in the network of cinematheques and on television channels.

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