What is it about?

The Tower of the Templars, now deteriorated by time, was built in the 13th century as the point of observation at 360 degrees of the castle surroundings. We want to restore the the access and give a new life to this magnificent tower with the most beautiful panoramic view.

Mark with us a new page in the history of the castle, participate in the creation of the Suite des Bourbons and in the renovation of its splendid terrasse.

How did it all start?

The Tower of the Templars was built by Renaud de Vichy, Grand Master of the Temple, who participated in the Seventh Crusade in 1249 under the flags of the king of France Saint-Louis. During one of the battles the king was captured by the enemy, the latter demanding a huge ransom. Renaud de Vichy called in the resources of the Order of the Templars (crowdfunding at the time) to liberate his king.

Château de Busset was king Henry IV’s favorite stopping place in his numerous travels. Out of pride his cousin, the Count of Bourbon Busset, offered him the most spacious suite of the castle which is still intact today.

Since 1998 we have been discovering the secrets of this place.

What will you get?

Give us your support and you will receive our wonderful rewards created especially for the contributors of this project.

In addition, for every contribution of 50 CHF or more added to the « Treasure of the Castle » you become a member of our Club Privilège and your name will be inscribed in golden letters in the walls of the renovated Tower. You also participate in our Grand Prix: 7 days in the new « Suite des Bourbons », full board with drinks included and a car at your disposal – the equivalent of about 10% of the treasure accumulated in this project. Follow us on Facebook and take your chance: the lottery will be in the second week of February.

Fill in the Treasure of the castle with gold and you will have the chance to win 10% of the Treasure of the Templars. Participate in the lottery with a winner announced on our Facebook page: the winner will receive 10% from the accumulated amount for the Treasure of the castle if the project succeeds.

Just like Renaud de Vichy who appealed to the treasure of the Templars to liberate the king, help us restore the treasure of the castle to recreate our exceptional Tour.

Discover one of the most beautiful places in the world!

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