It doesn't matter how big you are, but how much you want to grow!

We as Bridge of Hope operate as a non-profit association on a completely voluntary basis. Since 2008 we have been carrying out our development projects relying on the support of our members. Through sponsorships and voluntary donations, we have supported the schooling of more than 200 young people every year. This support is not limited to the payment of school fees but represents a 360° support: we contribute to the purchase of uniforms and school books, we directly finance the canteen so that meals are guaranteed and we support families in a timely manner.

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Our help is a drop in the ocean, but...

In countries like the Philippines, where poverty represents daily life and where everything that is precarious turns out to be permanent in the end, there is something that strikes us unexpectedly: the sense of community, whose strength is mutual help. We of the Bridges of Hope represent that help for them: each of us offers its time and energy so that projects, ambitions and hopes can materialize. This year, the occasion of our 10th birthday has pushed us to reflect on the dimension we want to give to our project and we have understood that the exchange is fundamental so that our experience does not remain only between us, but can extend to other people.

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...ever drops count!

Thanks to the funds raised through this campaign we would like to increase the number of students we can support - especially students at the university level. They, in fact, can make a big difference within the family but have significant costs. We believe that education is the only way to break the poverty cycle and ensure that our children have the future they deserve. We are committed to coordinating aid and projects but it is clear that help from everyone is untenable.

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