The Wellington

by Franco


«The Wellington» is a crazy comedy about an old hotel from director Franco Zilli, starring actor and comedian Beat Schlatter.

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The story

The Wellington used to be a popular Resort Hotel located in a remote place in Switzerland. The hotel is now being managed by the third generation. Ueli has taken over that part for the past 20 years. Ever since then the hotel has gone downhill rapidly. Meanwhile hardly any guests end up in the hotel. The staff has shrunk to the size of four and they all do whatever they feel like. Only Giuseppe, the bellboy, has figured out, that things can no longer go on like that. Totally unexpected, a famous American starlet accompanied by her entire entourage books a room in the hotel, due to her independent film shooting in the area. Things are frantic in the hotel and Giuseppe finally scents his chance to rescue the hotel.

The project

The Wellington is a low-budget short film and the most ambitious project yet of Double Key Pictures. So far, the immense support and belief in the project of both cast and crew has enabled shooting to complete in January 2014, after a full year of preparation.However, we are in need of sponsorship for the post-production in order to complete the movie to the standard we believe it needs and deserves.

Why we need YOU!

As mentioned, the film has already been shot and in addition to that, a rough cut was also made. These are the things that still need to be done:

  • Final Edit: The rough cut must be refined. Our preference is a neutral editor who was not present at the shooting.
  • Color Grading: The colors must be edited and customized so the film does not look like a ride home. Unfortunately, this is very expensive but also an extremely important step for the film to have the right aesthetic.
  • Audio Editing: As the sound makes up 50 % of each film, we invest a lot of time and energy into good audio editing. This includes not only a cool soundtrack but especially good dubbing, audio interface and a 5.1 surround sound mix.

Of course there is still much more to be done until the film is ready for the premiere, but these three points are the most cost intensive.

A short clip

Our Goal

Our goal is to make the movie film-festival-worthy in order to submit to a variety of national and international film festivals. The focus of the national festival lies in Locarno and Solothurn. Please help us to achieve this goal with your support!



  • Franco Zilli - Director
  • Peter Niederberger - Production Manager
  • Julien Cassez - DoP / Camera operator
  • Raphael Willi – 1st Assistant Director
  • Jana Arni - Location Manager
  • Lucien Zürcher - Production Design
  • Marco Von Allmen - Focus puller
  • Luigi Adinolfi - Gaffer / Grip
  • Randy Slagle - Lighting
  • Alexandra Lampart - Makeup
  • Lukas Riesen and Aline Gschwend - Costume Design
  • Klemens Niklaus Trenkle - Production Sound Mixer
  • Dante Fleming - Boom operator
  • Christina Welter - Camera Assistant
  • Sonja Wismer - Script / Continuity
  • Tamara Zilli - PR
  • Anita Rupp - Catering
  • David Kläui - Production Assistant
  • Tanja Weibel – Production Assistant
  • Thomas Slatter – Production Assistant
  • Paddy Blätsch - Score

Do you have any questions?

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