With the NOW Journey we want to offer an intercultural and hands-on learning experience that empowers young people to become the protagonists of the change they want to see in their local communities. The pilot edition of our 6-month program will bring together a diverse group of people from Europe and neighboring countries. We need your help to make the program accessible for youth with limited access to traveling and modern educational programs.

Why NOW?

How often have you heard that «youth is the future»? But when does that future start? Climate change, violent conflicts, rising extremism… We are facing too many challenges that cannot wait to be addressed. NOW brings together people who believe that youth has what it takes to create a better world. NOW.

For us, the unique combination of dreams and motivation that young people bring to the table is a key ingredient for social transformation. The NOW Journey will equip participants with the skills and tools that they may lack to start changing their local realities.

Using the group’s diversity as a learning tool, the NOW Journey enables personal growth while also fostering solidarity among participants.

What is the NOW Journey?

The NOW Journey is a 6-month educational program that combines elements of intercultural learning and youth engagement. It brings together 30 diverse* young people to learn based on the following pillars:

In the following slides you find an overview of the NOW Journey:

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* Who are the unlikely participants?

While our program is open to all young people, we are creating it especially for those who are unlikely to participate in such programs because of the many barriers they face (socio-economic, language, disability, social marginalization, etc.)

What do we need your support for?

Reducing entry barriers to our program means structuring our program in a inclusive and flexible way. It also means that NOW needs to cover the costs of the program for those participants with limited access to financial resources. We need your help to make the first NOW Journey possible for 10 unlikely participants. Find below the details of the average estimated costs per participant:

  • Travel costs NOW Encounter: 350 Euros
  • Food & Accommodation NOW Encounter: 500 Euros
  • Travel costs Buddy Visit: 350 Euros
  • Project Fund: 300 Euros
  • Travel costs Future Forum: 350 Euros
  • Accommodation Future Forum: 200 Euros
  • Material & logistics: 200 Euros
  • Contribution to team expenses: 250 Euros
  • Total = 2500 Euros/participant

The NOW team

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The rewards

All our rewards have been chosen to reflect NOW’s commitment to sustainability. This also means that we will try to deliver your rewards in person, whenever possible. It might take up to 4 months until you will hold your NOW goodies in your hands. Thank you for your patience :)

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