«THE YARD-dance & culture district» is going to be a dancestudio in Thun(Switzerland).
We want to create a place for people to exchange positive energy through the medium of dance and Hip Hop.

CHF 11’451

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 18/8/2017

Our Team

Our passion for dance brought us together. For over 15 years we have been training, travelling and learning from each other. Now we are about to realize our dream – a place where we can share our knowledge and enthusiasm with others.

Our team consists of four people: Jessica «Jazzy Jes» Rieben and Michael «Ez Mike» Zurflüh are part of the legendary «Rock Steady Crew» and one of the most well-known dancer-couples in the Hip Hop scene. They hold many titles of championships such as «Redbull BC One Switzerland», «Top Rock City», «Octogon World Rumble», «European Concrete Battle» and created their own partnerdance called «Top Rock Hustle». They have been dancing with and learning from the world’s best dancers and sharing their experiences in classes and workshops internationally for many years.

Dominik «D in Deed» Graf and Aaron «F-Arrow» Lannutti of Thun’s «Flava Fiendz Crew» have been their students and became well respected dancers themselves. They both have teaching experience too and participate in b-boy battles regularly. Together, we form THE YARD’s team and hope to carry on the tradition of dance and keep the Hip Hop spirit alive.

THE YARD – dance & culture district

«dance & culture district» stands for the support of dance and the Hip Hop Culture.

We want to create a place for people of every background to exchange positive energy through the medium of dance and the other artistic elements of Hip Hop. A place where you can express yourself, grow and prosper your own personality in an inspiring community: each one teach one!

We focus on the maintenance of fairness, respect and open communication.


To renovate the facilities and fund this project we request your support.

In order to realize our vision of «THE YARD - dance & culture district», we need to collect CHF 11’000.–. We are very grateful for every kind of support and hope to welcome you when our dream became true.

Thank you!