The Züri Briefing in English

by tsü


The popular newsletter «Züri Briefing» summarises the day’s most important news every morning. We definitely want to continue the English Briefing and need your support.

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This is what it's all about.

Around 60,000 English-speaking people live in the city of Zurich. It isn’t easy to get information about what’s going on in politics, culture, or society if you don’t speak German. Yet many people want to know about the city’s happenings. However, an English-language medium has been missing – until now.

We are going to change that. Every morning at 7 a.m., we send you a summary of the day’s most important news in the Züri Briefing, so you don’t have to read all the newspapers and watch the daily news. In addition, it contains event tips and helpful information. A team of journalists who are well connected and at home in Zurich writes the newsletter. By now, more than 9200 people have already subscribed to the German-language newsletter.

Since June 13, 2022, we have also been sending out the newsletter in English, and the service has been exceptionally well received.

«Firstly, thank you for the newsletter in English. I’m so happy to read the news about Zürich everyday and although I’ve lived here a loooong time, it really helps me to feel more connected to the place by reading all these insights…it’s great having all the news in one place, in your newsletter.»

Over 3000 people have subscribed to the English Briefing so far.

We at Tsü would like to continue the English newsletter and contribute to including non-German-speaking people. However, writing and translating costs money, which we collect via wemakeit.

That’s why we need the Züri Briefing in English too

Zurich is an international city. But if you don’t speak German, it’s difficult to get information. With the Züri Briefing, we offer an overview of the most important events in Zurich every weekday. The newsletters provide an excellent overview and help to classify the events.

Thanks to the Züri Briefing, readers are fully informed about what is happening in Zurich and thus gain easier access to city life.

Tsü needs your support for this

The Briefing editors read media releases and e-papers, listen to the radio, watch TV, evaluate the news and formulate the newsletter. The whole process takes about 6 hours every night. Another person then proofreads the briefing for typos, and our translator translates the German Briefing into English. At 7 a.m. sharp, it flutters into your inbox.

The work of the briefing writers and the translator must be remunerated.

If you want to continue to read the Briefing in English, you can make it possible with a contribution here.

  • With 10,000 Swiss francs, we can continue the English Briefing for half a year.

  • With 20,000 Swiss francs, we can continue the English Briefing for a whole year.