We need you for helping others

We are a team, which is really committed to our project «er.lern.bar» (stands for educate – learn – overcome barriers). Our goal is to help children and their parents with all their problems, worries, daily routines and their studying.For this reason we offer occupational therapy, psychomotricity, speech therapy, prevention for mobbing for schools and choaching for schildren, who experienced bullying. Furthermore we offer mental training for kids and young people. Coaching sessions for parents are also included in our offer, as well as assistance with trauma, animal assisted therapy and learning coaching. Children, youth, parents, kindergarden teachers and teachers receive support for any difficulties or problems in their daily-routines or school work.

We really need a ladder, professional fixation and mattresses especially for our psychmotoricity and occupational therapy to achieve our therapy goals.


Why do we need crowdfunding?

Everyone on our team is working half-time next to our project. At the moment we try to share all the costs. But we weren´t aware oft he wall substance in the beginning and all the financial issues connected to it. So the fees fort he ladder and the fixation are too expensive for us. At the moment the whole team uses their time and money to develop our project.

As founder and idealist, I want to try my best to raise money for our project.So I would like to start crowdfunding to expand our idea to get more possibilities to support children, parents and teachers.Unfortunately our project doesn´t get any funds.

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